I am an activist for animal liberation since 6 years ago, and a full-time activist, since 3 years ago.


During this time, I have carried out various investigations to make visible the victims of animal exploitation.


With the help of Mauricio Albarrán and Juan Pablo Tavira, I organized the first conference in México, against the captivity of marine mammals. The conference was attended by scientists such as Dr. Naomi Rose, Dr. Lori Marino and Dr. Tom Gureau.


In 2017, I developed an educational program for schools on the captivity of dolphins in Quintana Roo. I gave it to more than 600 children in different schools.


During the first conference against marine mammals in Mexico, I gave a presentation on "The Fallacy of Education in Dolphinariums".


I have given talks about the reality of the dolphinariums, and carried out different activities to raise awareness among the public.


In 2016, with Delfines en Libertad and the help of local people and organizations of Huatulco, we managed to stop the construction of a Dolphin Discovery dolphinarium.


In the same year, with Delfines en Libertad and local people and organizations of Puerto Vallarta, we managed to stop the construction of a dolphinarium of the company Vallarta Adventures, in Plaza La Isla.


In 2017, I coordinated the first Cube of Truth in México of the international organization Anonymous for the Voiceless in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


I have coordinated peaceful demonstrations, disruptions, vigils, conferences, forums, documentary screenings, events, food samplings, vegan and activists meet ups  in different places in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.


In 2018, with the help of FaunAccion, I coordinated the first anti-speciesist forum in Quintana Roo.

I've been a volunteer and coordinator of different non-profit organizations such as:

  • KKIS

  • The Save Movement

  • Playa del Carmen Fish Save

  • Empty the Tanks Mexico

  • Empty the Tanks Worldwide

  • Delfines in Freedom

  • ActivistasQRock

  • Anonymous for the Voiceless